Automated analyzer for clinical chemistry SPOTCHEM EZ SP-4430

SPOTCHEM EZ performs biochemical measurements easily with the dry method and solid phase reagent.
A built-in compact centrifuge reduces pretreatment of samples before measurement.
SPOTCHEM EZ is a most-advanced dry chemistry analyzer.

  • Compact & lightweight - Only A4 sized space for installation
  • Built-in compact centrifuge
  • Simple operation
  • Easy calibration with magnetic card
  • Multi-type reagent (with 5 or 6 items) by disease
  • Management by barcode is available.


Dry Clinical Chemistry Analyzer SPOTCHEM D-Concept

The SPOTCHEM D-Concept was developed to change the face of POCT. This instrument comprises all the functions demanded from the market and allows customization according to function: a first for a POCT analyzer. With units installed on top of one another, it takes up very little space too.

  • SPOTCHEM D-00 SD-9810
  • Operation Control Unit
    - Instructions for measurement
    - Test result confirmation
    - Printing of test results
  • SPOTCHEM D-01 SD-3810
    Immunoassay Unit
    - Measurement parameters
    CRP, RF, µAlb / cre (urine)
    - 2 samples loaded simultaneously
    - Minimum sample volume : 50µl
  • SPOTCHEM D-02 SD-4810
    Dry Chemistry & Electrolyte Unit
    - Measurement parameters
    22 biochemistry items & electrolyte (Na, K, CL)
  • SPOTCHEM D-03 SD-4820
    Dry Chemistry
    - Measurement parameters
    22 biochemistry items


Electrolyte Analyzer with Ion-Selective Electrodes SPOTCHEM EL SE-1520

SPOTCHEM EL is an electrolyte analysis system with capacity for total electrolyte analysis requirements in all fields.
Fast, accurate and simple electrolyte analysis of body fluids-essential in an emergency.

  • Whole blood, serum, plasma and urine can be measured with 22 ul
  • Two types of special twin-pipettes are available.
  • Easy calibration can be completed with magnetic card
  • Na, K, Cl are measured at the same time on the same E-Plate


Blood Ammonia Meter PocketChem BA PA-4140

PocketChem BA is a palm size meter with the separate printer unit, and whole blood sample is available with easy operation.
You can measure blood ammonia anytime, anywhere and by anyone without any care about increasing ammonia level.

  • Needs 20μl of whole blood
  • Only 124(W) x 85(D) x 38(H)mm, and 150g weight
  • 2 x AA-sized dry battery for mobility and/or AC adapter
  • Uses exclusive reagent strips without any pretreatment

PocketChem BA PA-4140

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