ARKRAY urine test strips series

ARKRAY's urine test strips (AUTION Sticks 10EA, 10PA, AUTION SCREEN and Uriflet 11UA) represent an enormous investment of company time and resources in producing the most advanced urine test strip for the medical profession.
These urine test strips help ensure accurate measurements both visually and automatically.

・Up to 11 items can be measured simultaneously

Covers all items necessary for urine testing. A maximum of 11 items can be measured simultaneously.
Choose the combination which best suits your testing needs.

・With features to provide accurate data

Blank pad correction / Abnormal color development detection mechanism / Temperature correction

・Screening and early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy and CKD is possible

Microalbumin and creatinine are measurable with Uriflet 11UA and AUTION Screen.
Early detection of renal disease in the initial stage, which is said to have almost no noticeable symptoms, greatly affects the QOL of patients. By the simultaneous measurement of microalbumin and creatinine through these reagents, highly accurate tests are possible, even with spotted urine.



*Uriflet S 11UA is only available with AX-4060 and AE-4020.
For details, please contact your distributors.

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AUTION Sticks 10PA


Uriflet S 11UA