Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care (PHC) provides the essential health care package which allows more individuals, families and communities to access quality and affordable health care. It is very important for patients especially in rural communities as they rely a lot on PHC.

However, most of PHC facilities are only equipped with simple diagnostic tools due to the limitation on cost, space, water, drainage supply or accessibility etc. Usually, patients’ samples have to be sent to big hospitals and wait for couple of days or even weeks for the results. This is usually very time-consuming and costly to patients. They will be discouraged to routinely make visits to PHC.

In order to help improve the efficiency and competence of PHC to offer higher quality service to people in such communities, Arkray has been working on developing a wide range of affordable, speedy, durable and portable products. This includes rapid test kits, analyzers applicable in Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis, Diabetes HbA1c and Electrolytes tests.

Clinical Chemistry

Urinalysis (Analyzers)

Diabetes HbA1c