Fully Automated Urine Analyzer AUTION MAX AX-4030

AUTION MAX AX-4030 is the finest fully automated urine analyzer. Various measurements such as S.G., color-tone, turbidity and abnormal coloration are available, as well as ten qualitative analyses.

  • Two strip feeders loadable with different types of strips
  • Micro volume sample (2mL) using the spotting method
  • Compact body (Dimensions : 530 (W) x 530 (W) x530 (H) mm / Weight : 41kg)



Versatile Urine Analysis System AUTION ELEVEN AE-4020

AUTION ELEVEN is the eleventh model of AUTION series which is ideal for use in small-to-medium-sized hospitals and clinics with its smart design and features.

  • Compact Design : 210(W) x 328(D) x 164(H) mm / 3.6kg
  • High throughput: 514 tests/hour.
    (7 seconds/test)
  • Auto-start function: Measurement starts automatically when a strip is set on the tray.
  • Test strip can be placed either from the left or the right side.
  • 10 parameters and color tone can be measured simultaneously.



World First Total Urine Analyzer AUTION HYBRID AU-4050

The AUTION HYBRID AU-4050 is the world's first total urine Analyzer.AU-4050 allows for both urine chemistry and urine sediment analysis to be performed on one single platform.
Features of AU-4050:

  • One single platform for urine chemistry and sediment analysis
  • High throughput:
    Chemistry alone: Maximum 200 tests/hour
    Sediment alone: Maximum 100 tests/ hour
  • True walk-away system by automatic sampler for heavy workload
  • Interactive graphical display
  • Storage capacity of results: 10,000 of individual samples

Aution Hybrid AU-4050


Compact Urine Analyzer PocketChem UA PU-4010

Palm-sized, fitting easily into a doctor’s bag or uniform pocket.
In order to achieve the goals of “anytime”, “anywhere” and “easy to handle”, the printer can be separated from the “PocketChem” analyzer, leaving it with a weight of just 180g.

  • Multiple functions
  • Palm-sized meter driven by two batteries
  • Easy operation and daily maintenance
  • Highly reliable test results with Creatinine compensation

PocketChem UA PU-4010


Urine test strips AUTION Sticks

ARKRAY's AUTION Sticks(AUTION Sticks 10EA, 10PA, AUTION SCREEN) represent an enormous investment of company time and resources in producing the most advanced urine test strip for the medical profession. AUTION Sticks help ensure accurate measurements both visually and automatically.

  • Covers all items necessary for urine testing. A maximum of 10 items can be measured simultaneously.
  • Choose the combination which best suits your testing needs.
  • Choice of visual measurement or automatic measurement on an exclusive analyzer.

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