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Oct 30, 2012

Strengthening ARKRAY’s Global Sales Network:
ARKRAY establishes its first SE Asian Sales office, in Indonesia

ARKRAY, Inc. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Nakagyo Ward), a manufacturer of sample test instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents, has announced the establishment and 6 November opening of the ARKRAY Group’s first sales office in South East Asia, in Jakarta City, Republic of Indonesia which will be called PT. ARKRAY. The establishment of this Indonesian office will serve to strengthen the distribution of products that meet the needs of customers in East and South East Asia, and to accelerate the global reach of the company.


ARKRAY, Inc. (herein ARKRAY) has established a sales office in Indonesia (PT. ARKRAY) which will begin operations on 6 November.

ARKRAY operates facilities in 10 countries and distributes its products to over 80 nations. In Asia, ARKRAY has sales offices in China, South Korea and India and seeks to further extend its business reach in the area.
ARKRAY has established this new office in Indonesia to serve as a business platform, with an eye on accelerated expansion into global markets and an increased presence in the thriving South East Asian region.

In FY2011, Indonesia showed continued strong GDP growth figures of 6.5% and is gaining attention as a developing force following closely behind the BRICS. With 240 million people, it has the largest population of any ASEAN country.
It currently has an in vitro diagnostics market worth approximately 7.9 billion yen1) with the highest growth rate among ASEAN. The size of this market is expected to grow in line with economic development in the country.
Indonesia has the 6th largest diabetic population with 7.29 million people affected by the disease. This is expected to grow to 11.8 million diabetics by 2030.2)

ARKRAY is seeking to capture a share of this growing market in Indonesia by establishing a sales network for diabetes tests, general medical tests and biochemical test systems as well as offering improved services to customers.

1) Report from Frost & Sullivan (FY2011)
2) Report from International Diabetes Federation (FY2011)

Overview of the new company

Company name



Mega Plaza, 12th Floor, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. C-3, Jakarta 12920, INDONESIA

Start of business

6 November 2012

Nature of business

Sale of and customized services for sample test instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents