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Sep 15, 2023

"SillHa" has Evolved!

New service launched for the salivary testing instrument that "visualizes the oral environment"
Enabling more convincing feedback from dentists to patients

ARKRAY, Inc. (Headquarters: Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, hereinafter referred to as ARKRAY) launched"SillHa Connect", a cloud-based optional service dedicated to a salivary testing instrument SillHa, on August 20, 2023. "SillHa Connect" is a free optional service that creates more detailed test result sheets by sending the SillHa-measured oral environment screening results to the cloud. Dentists can refer to specific advisory comments on each parameter, and comparisons with average values for each of five age groups to provide more convincing feedback to patients. In addition, the average values will become more reliable as new measurement results are accumulated on the cloud. SillHa will continue to contribute to the propagation of preventive dentistry through advanced "visualization of the oral environment".

SillHa is a salivary testing instrument that can quantify the oral environment from oral rinse samples. It measures six parameters related to the oral environment and outputs information surrounding tooth health, gum health, and oral cleanliness on radar charts, creating test result sheets that are visually easy to understand. Since its launch in April 2016, the product has been used by a variety of medical institutions and research institutions, including dental clinics across Japan.

ARKRAY's new"SillHa Connect"isa free optional cloud-based service dedicated to SillHathat allows users to send data measured by SillHa to the cloud and output test result sheets containing more detailed information than ever before. It offers more specific advisory comments on each parameter and comparisons with average values for each of five age groups, based on newly gathered measurement data. The reliability of these average values will continue to improve as new measurement results are accumulated on the cloud. In addition, three types of test result sheets (simple version, detailed version, children's version) can be used to provide more convincing feedback according to each patient's needs. As well as being used at the time of a patient's first visit and subsequent checkups to improve their awareness of preventive measures and motivate them to seek treatment, the service can also be used as an option for annual health checkups at medical examination centers, or included as part of a health screening plan.
"SillHa Connect"will continue to evolve into a service that makes SillHa even easier to use and more beneficial for people's health by expanding to offer even more new features.
*New member registration is required to use SillHa Connect.

Test result sheet: Detailed version

<Overview of SillHa>

Using a liquid sample of water rinsed in the mouth for ten seconds, six parameters of the oral environment are measured in just five minutes. The measurement results are displayed on a radar chart along with brief comments on the results. This provides valuable insight into the condition of the mouth, which is difficult to be aware of, through objective data.

∗SillHa and its dedicated reagent, SillHa paper, are for research use. Measurement results cannot be used to diagnose disease or to aide the diagnosis of disease.

■Product information page

Salivary testing instrument SillHa

Salivary testing instrument SillHa

<Features of the new service, SillHa Connect>

○Three types of test result sheets to choose from, according to patients' needs

SillHa Connect renewed the design of test result sheets that are output after measurements. You can choose from three versions of test result sheets: a simple version that summarizes the results on a single sheet; a detailed version that includes more comprehensive information; and a children's version that summarizes the results in easy-to-understand language for children.

Test result sheet

○Displays average values by age groups

Previous result sheets showed measurement results compared to the overall average value of people in their 20s to 50s.
However, SillHa Connect gathers measurement data for five different age groups. Average values by age group can now be displayed based on this accumulated data. This is useful for visually identifying where a patient's measurement values are positioned against people in the same age group, and for raising awareness of their oral environment.

Five age groups