What's New
Oct. 16, 2014[Press Release]NEW
ß-cryptoxanthin for the prevention of metabolic syndrome
Release of functional food material “Cryptobeta” derived from Satsuma mandarin
Oct. 14, 2014[Press Release]NEW
Success in the development of the ultra small equipment for the culturing of human iPS cells from a single cell
- Aiming for the development of a device to support regenerative medicine-
Oct. 01, 2014[Press Release]
Receiving Good Design Award 2014
Release of a New In-hospital Blood Glucose Device
Sep. 29, 2014[Press Release]
Contributing to Various Needs of Diabetes Testing
-Realizing High Performance Measurement of HbA1C with Small Rapid Test Device-
Sep. 25, 2014[Press Release]
- Development of Innovative Biosensing System for Diabetes Care Utilizing Space Environment -
Participation in the High Quality Protein Crystal Growth Experiment
at "Kibo" in the International Space Station
Sep. 17, 2014[Press Release]
New Challenges in Health and Treatment of Animals
Release of a New Medical Device/Reagent Brand for Animals, "thinka"
Sep. 01, 2014[Information]
ARKRAY’s Booth at "50th Annual Meeting
of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes"
Aug. 28, 2014[Press Release]
Supporting precision control of urine testing
-Release of a new liquid control reagent for test strips-
Aug. 21, 2014[Press Release]
Supporting the diagnosis & treatment of early onset kidney failure
Release of a new rapid test reagent for use in clinics
Jul. 15, 2014[Information]
ARKRAY’s Booth at 2014 AACC Annual Meeting

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