What's New
Apr. 21, 2016[Press Release]NEW
Contributing to early detection and treatment of kidney disease
New release of automatic urine analysis system with space-saving design
Apr. 04, 2016[Press Release]
Simultaneously Measures 7 Items related to Oral Care
New Release of 'Saliva Testing System'
Mar. 25, 2016[Press Release]
Designed for safety by employing disposable system and simple operation enabling ease of use
- Release of new lancet device ‘naturalet petit’ for micro blood sampling -
Mar. 09, 2016[Press Release]
Success in generating islet cells from human iPS cells
Development of a channel type culture system
Mar. 07, 2016[Press Release]
Supporting clinical studies for cancer
Expanding the genetic testing product line-up
Feb. 16, 2016[Press Release]
Release of a gene testing kit for drug metabolism enzymes
Jan. 27, 2016[Press Release]
- Making pet monitoring possible at any time, any place -
Commencing sales of non-contact monitoring system for use in animal clinics
Jan. 21, 2016[Press Release]
Establishing an integrated manufacturing system and enhancing global competitiveness
Completion ceremony held for instrument factory and distribution center in the Philippines
Dec. 04, 2015[Press Release]
Release of Latest Instrument Models for the
Measurement of Blood Glucose and HbA1c
- Contributing to Improved Accuracy and Efficiency of Diabetes Testing -
Oct. 22, 2015[Press Release]
Supporting diabetic patients around the world
New release of blood glucose test meter
Oct. 14, 2015[Press Release]
Supporting Rapid Testing and Diagnosis During the Virus Season
ARKRAY, Inc. Releases RS Virus and Adenovirus Kits