What's New
July 27, 2015[Press Release]NEW
Providing Total Support for Diabetes Testing
- New Release of Quality Control Product for Diabetes Testing -
July. 24, 2015[information]
ARKRAY’s Booth at 2015 AACC Annual Meeting
June.23,2015[Press Release]
Contributing to the Frontlines of Emergency Testing
Commencement of Sales for Early Diagnostic
Marker of Acute Heart Disease
June.15,2015[Press Release]
Contributing to Early Detection of Diabetes and Infectious Diseases
-Simple and High Accuracy Measurements of 4 markers such as HbA1c and CRP-
May.19,2015[Press Release]
Promoting R&D of Devices for Regenerative Medicine
- Installation of 'Satellite Lab' at the International Science Innovation Building in Kyoto University -
April.27,2015[Press Release]
Supporting the growing demand for renal disease testing within the field of animal care
Launch of a Urine Analyzer Specifically Designed for Dogs & Cats
April.14,2015[Press Release]
Launch of a New Automatic Cell Counter for Animals
- Introducing a new product to the ‘thinka’ brand for animal test devices -
April.07,2015[Press Release]
Contributing to Improved Efficiency of Diabetes Testing
- Introducing a new addition to the product line-up of reagents for enzymatic HbA1c analysis -
Feb. 25, 2015[Press Release]
Strengthening production capabilities
Instrument production facilities to be built at the
Philippines factory
- Groundbreaking ceremony held
Jan. 19, 2015[Press Release]
Release of a Compact HbA1c Analyzer into
the Global Diabetic Medical Field