What's New
Sep. 21, 2016[Press Release]NEW
- Achieving testing of two main items with one kit -
New release of feline virus infections test kit
Sep. 21, 2016[Press Release]NEW
- Supporting easy and quick testing -
New release of one-step Canine Heartworm Ag Test Kit CHW
Jul. 28, 2016[Press Release]
- Aiming to accelerate promotion of correct understanding toward diabetes -
Starring Mr. Iwata of the Hanshin Tigers and featuring a message to diabetic children and their families
- Release of "Let's make our dreams come true, together. Living with type 1 diabetes."! -
Jul. 26, 2016[Press Release]
Responding to increased demand in Russia
Expansion of Russian factory and commencement of urine test strip production
Jul. 22, 2016[Press Release]
Supporting the increase of diabetes testing in veterinary medicine
New release of blood glucose meter dedicated to dogs and cats
Jul. 21, 2016[Press Release]
Collaboration for the contribution to medical care for diabetes in Korea
Partnership with Korean pharmaceutical company, LG Life Sciences Ltd.
Jul. 07, 2016[Press Release]
Responding to new needs of diabetes testing
-Release of HbA1c analyzer that can detect variant hemoglobin-
Jun. 13, 2016[Press Release]
Presentation at the 16th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Beauty enhancement capability of mixed herb extract confirmed through human clinical study
May 26, 2016[Press Release]
Supporting improved efficiency in urine testing operations
New release of desktop urine dispensing system
Apr. 21, 2016[Press Release]
Contributing to early detection and treatment of kidney disease
New release of automatic urine analysis system with space-saving design