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Sep. 01, 201[information]NEW
ARKRAY’s Booth at “51st Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes”
Aug 31, 2015[Press Release]
Supporting the Frontlines of Emergency Testing
Addition of 'Creatinine' and 'Chloride' to Blood Gas Analyzer Analytes
Aug 21, 2015[Press Release]
Business collaboration now under discussion with Japan Animal Referral Medical Center, a provider of advanced medicine for pets
- Aiming for total support of community animal hospitals and pet owners -
Aug 05, 2015[Press Release]
The Rapid Blood Analyzer that Contributed to the Widespread Use of On-the-Spot Testing at Practitioner's Offices and Clinics
Inducted into the Analytical and Scientific Instrument Heritage Certification
Aug 05, 2015[Press Release]
Commencing Sale of Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System and Dedicated Reagents
Realizing Total Support for Genetic Testing in Hospitals
July 27, 2015[Press Release]
Providing Total Support for Diabetes Testing
- New Release of Quality Control Product for Diabetes Testing -
July. 24, 2015[information]
ARKRAY’s Booth at 2015 AACC Annual Meeting
June.23,2015[Press Release]
Contributing to the Frontlines of Emergency Testing
Commencement of Sales for Early Diagnostic
Marker of Acute Heart Disease
June.15,2015[Press Release]
Contributing to Early Detection of Diabetes and Infectious Diseases
-Simple and High Accuracy Measurements of 4 markers such as HbA1c and CRP-
May.19,2015[Press Release]
Promoting R&D of Devices for Regenerative Medicine
- Installation of 'Satellite Lab' at the International Science Innovation Building in Kyoto University -